Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama Has A Unicorn to Sell You - Camelot

Today Ted Kennedy and his clan of various Kennedy's anointed Barack Obama as the torchbearer or sword bearer of the dream of a Liberal Camelot. With appropriate fanfare and breathless coverage at CNN which pretty much televised the whole event. Afterwards giddy talking heads saw it as the inevitiable march of the Obama Parade. The return of hope for the Democratic Party and Sir Obama as the new Vicar of Change. It was all very impressive in it's own way, Obama seemed genuinely stunned by the whole thing and perhaps in some way it might actually cause him to consider actually becoming the voice of change that many people hope that he is. Personally I'm cynical and don't believe in the snake potion they are selling. He's extremely liberal in outlook and is running far to the left. Generally this is the kiss of death for a liberal but Obama by virtue of his color is perceived differently. People project what they want into him and make him either King Arthur or John Kennedy or whatever their dream of a shiny wonderful world full of Unicorns and magic. The only problem with all of that is that there are no Unicorns but there are no end to the number of people who will be more than willing to sell you a Unicorn. To my thinking, Obama is selling Unicorns and nothing else. Magic and charm in the place of reality. It would be nice if that wasn't the case, I'd like to believe in magic and Unicorns but my better sense tells me to be wary and don't fall into the cult of the Obama.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Marine Killer Wins The Stay Alive Award

Marine Cpl. Cesar Laurean who has been indicted for the murder of Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach and thanks to the laws of North Carolina will not be indicted for the death of her near term baby has won the criminal lottery. Yes indeed, by the very fact that he has eluded capture and apparently made his way to Mexico he will now not face the same possible penalties that others in the United States might face after committing such a heinous murder. This is because Mexico will not even arrest someone who has committed murder in the United States and successfully made it to Mexico if they are under the possibility of a death sentence if convicted.

Personally I am against the Death Penalty for moral and ethical reasons as well as logical reasons. And this of course is another of those reasons, it's not fair that two people, who commit the same exact crime could be treated differently based upon one of those people being smart or clever enough to high tail it to Mexico where he or she can't be extradited if he could be subject to the Death Penalty. Laurean, if he commited the murder of Maria Lauterbach and her unborn baby deserves all the bad things that will happen to him but he doesn't deserve to receive favored treatment because of his ability to escape to Mexico. The worse things that could have happened to him if he had assaulted Maria Lauterbach and fathered her baby don't compare to what will happen to him now. And I wish him a very long life in a very deep deep hole when he is finally brought to justice.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Zombie McCain rises from the Ashes

Well, half of my last year predictions about who each party will nominate are on track. Hillary Clinton looks like the probable nominee for the Democratic Party and although Obama has come up like Jesus out of the mist, he is not going to be able to overcome the Clinton political machine. In my opinion of course. On the Republican side there is a fascinating battle going on for between many candidates and not a one of them is Republican enough for more than 33 percent of the voters in any of the primaries or other boutique voting events so far.

The one candidate, still loved by the media as the least Republican of the Republicans - John McCain, came up with his usual win in New Hampshire and so is being touted by the media types as the front runner in the Republican side of this circus. Zombie McCain, Amnesty McCain, RINO McCain, whatever you want to call him - has arrived at the Florida race in as good a shape as any of the other candidates. My early on guesstimation of a Rudy nomination looks less likely with every new poll that has come out and with every pundit pronouncement I've heard. If I had to change my guess for the Republican most likely to come out the convention with the nomination I would have to say that Romney looks more likely than any of the others. Still, any one candidate can only muster 33 percent of the slim Republican vote and each candidate is fairly despised by the other 67 percent of Republican voters. Since his Amnesty Bill and his refusal to back down in the face of overwhelming opposition I have a very dim view of McCain. We've already had a President who ignors the wishes of the citizens and we don't need another one who thinks he's King. We don't want to replace King George with King John. And to those who say that we should get behind him anyways as the one Republican who can win I would simply say that it would be better to have a Democrat for Republicans to rally against than to have a pretend Republican President who will further splinter the party and rule with the help of the Democrats. Amnesty? No matter what McCain has said he still supports Amnesty. He calls it something different but it amounts to the same exact thing. With him as President the Republicans who barely were able to stand up to King George with the American people standing up beside the few who were against the Amnesty, will find it even more difficult to stand up and defeat the Amnesty Bill as it's rammed down our throats. Better to have Hillary or Obama which will better unite the opposition and give Anti Amnesty forces something to rally against.

Well, time will tell and it'll tell which way the wind is going to blow fairly shortly now. Florida then the twenty states on Super Tuesday and we'll have a better idea of how things will shake down. With any luck at all it'll be to the Convention for both Parties without a clearcut nominee.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Sisterhood Beat the Brotherhood

Great debate at MSNBC on Hardball today. The question of why Hillary won in New Hampshire and if it was the dreaded Bradley effect - where people tell pollsters one thing when it comes to voting for or against a black candidate and then do another thing in the privacy of their voting booth. Yup, it's the dreaded 'Waaaa! They didn't vote for the Black Man because he's a black man" excuse. The thing was that the polls said Obama was winning and winning big but when the votes were cast he lost consistently all night long by a good three percent. No bump, no city/country divide- it was straight the whole night. And the Pundits were completely wrong and today they are looking for the excuses as to why it wasn't their fault. It's a lot of that going on, It's not my fault excuse. The debate on Hardball had the obligatory black professor saying it was racial prejudice rearing it's ugly head and Dee Dee Myers and Pat Buchannan saying it was women rising up to support Hillary after they had seen Hillary pilloried by everyone and thought that was not fair. The numbers of course bear that out, women did in fact turn sharply toward Hillary and the polls also said that some 40 percent of folks were undecided until the end. So, my goodness. The Pundits are doing their best to spin it in favor of Obama since after all Obama is the choice of the Fourth Estate. It's 'good' for Obama to have lost, it'll make him a better person and a better President. Nonsense like that. Interesting all in all.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Do you hear that Mrs. Clinton? That is the Sound of Inevitability

Well, it is as I thought it would be. On the front page of my website at I have a short essay saying who I thought was going to come out of these primaries and despite the media hysteria for Obama and a rerun of the media fondness for McCain, it's pretty much going as I thought it would go. The Media foamed at the mouth and was as usual making up their own stories to confirm their own prejudices which rumored about Hillary preparing to give up the race since of course, a few thousand folks in Iowa put her in third place which nicely went along with their own desires for the outcome. Drudge Report - of course spent the last few days drumming that story complete with sad pictures of Hillary Clinton getting ready to give her concession speech and slink on into the night so the Inevitable Obama train can barrel on down the road. Of course, right now, as the race in New Hampshire has been decided the tiny type does mention that Hillary did win the race there. Funny. I hear MSNBC bemoan how they could have been wrong and I don't even bother looking over at Fox News where they had there propaganda machine trying to gin up Mitt Romney to no avail. Those Fox News people are not even worth bothering with.
Well, the talking heads remind me of Eddie Haskel from Leave It To Beaver trying to explain what he did wrong. Now at MSNBC the talking blathering heads are saying that this will be good for Obama, tasting defeat which will make him more humble and a better Inevitable President since of course the Media guys will do their best to provide us with the proper opinion of who to to vote for in the end. Let's see, I'm hearing the people lied to the pollsters, the women of New Hampshire thought Hillary had been unfairly savaged and so came out to support her and then of course Keith Oberman and others giving their sports analogies for the unexpected nature of politics. Giving their Eddie Haskel excuses for their erroneous pontifications.
As for the McCain victory on the Republican side, well you know, he won New Hampshire before and then nosedived when he got to the South and the more Republican voters, Republican Religious voters that is. Huckabee will win in those South States, Romney will probably win in Michigan and when the February big states come up Rudy will take the lead from the bunch that can't consolidate their tiny sectarian victories. Obviously people from one state aren't snowed into believing any bandwagon or inevitable candidate is decided by the previous state voters. So, it will be Hillary versus Rudy with the good possibility now that there will be a third party run by Bloomberg although I still can't see how he thinks it's possible. The only real unknown right now will be who the running mates will be. Ah, I love politics, so interesting.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

The Fake News flies on the Wings of Truth

Ah well, to see the state of news these days all you have to do is watch the news. Over at Fox News they ran a small Republican 'Debate' minus many of the candidates, specifically Ron Paul who polls better than Rudy or Fred in New Hampshire. Well, those Fox corporate heads decided that the candidates they didn't like wouldn't get on the stage. All well and good, over at CNN they simply rebroadcast the previous nights debate and so I watched that one. I ended up catching the FOX debate later since they did manage to show it three times that night. In any event, the Fox boys excluded Ron Paul and to add to their heavy handed attempts at promoting the candidate they like they had a completely fake and transparently fake 'Undecided Voters' panel after the debate to get the view from those who are 'undecided'. Well, you know, in true Soviet Union style the undecided voters, breaking with all known forms of natural decision making which would have put the undecided voters in a statistically relevant breakdown among the various candidates, these voters to a man decided suddenly they were Mitt Romney fans after watching the stunning ability of Mitt Romney to sway undecided voters in a way that hasn't been seen since the miracles of Jesus. It was stunning. Stunning that the Fox folks believed they could run that bit of Mitt Romney propaganda without anyone noticing. The funny thing about it is that it won't much have an effect. There was a blogger who noticed one of the 'undecided voters' was in a previous Fox 'undecided voter' event from a few months ago. Well, you know, to run a good game against the house you need to have some shills, Fox makes sure that the whole group is a shill group. Amazing.