Monday, January 07, 2008

The Fake News flies on the Wings of Truth

Ah well, to see the state of news these days all you have to do is watch the news. Over at Fox News they ran a small Republican 'Debate' minus many of the candidates, specifically Ron Paul who polls better than Rudy or Fred in New Hampshire. Well, those Fox corporate heads decided that the candidates they didn't like wouldn't get on the stage. All well and good, over at CNN they simply rebroadcast the previous nights debate and so I watched that one. I ended up catching the FOX debate later since they did manage to show it three times that night. In any event, the Fox boys excluded Ron Paul and to add to their heavy handed attempts at promoting the candidate they like they had a completely fake and transparently fake 'Undecided Voters' panel after the debate to get the view from those who are 'undecided'. Well, you know, in true Soviet Union style the undecided voters, breaking with all known forms of natural decision making which would have put the undecided voters in a statistically relevant breakdown among the various candidates, these voters to a man decided suddenly they were Mitt Romney fans after watching the stunning ability of Mitt Romney to sway undecided voters in a way that hasn't been seen since the miracles of Jesus. It was stunning. Stunning that the Fox folks believed they could run that bit of Mitt Romney propaganda without anyone noticing. The funny thing about it is that it won't much have an effect. There was a blogger who noticed one of the 'undecided voters' was in a previous Fox 'undecided voter' event from a few months ago. Well, you know, to run a good game against the house you need to have some shills, Fox makes sure that the whole group is a shill group. Amazing.


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