Sunday, March 19, 2006

Middle East Times - Christian Convert Faces Execution in Afghanistan

Middle East Times

Yes indeed. We've liberated Afghanistan which under their new constitution states that "No law can be contrary to the sacred religion of Islam" and under Islamic Sharia law it says that any Muslim who converts to another religion gets capital punishment. Well, a fellow in Afghanistan, a muslim man, has converted to Christianity. This alarmed and distressed his family so much that they turned him in. They have proof against this miscreant, his Bible, the article shows a picture of that Bible. He's under trial right now and under the peaceful religious rules of Islam this man could be the first one sentenced to death for this since the Taliban days.

I wonder what those people who say we should have respect for this religion have to say about a religion that has no respect for other religions. Respect goes two ways or no ways. And finally, finally the public opinion in the United States has turned to a majority who now believe, who now finally understand, that Islam is not a peaceful religion but rather a religion stuck in the mindset from the Middle Ages.


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