Wednesday, January 25, 2006 - Mexico gives migrants road map to U.S. - Jan 24, 2006 - Mexico gives migrants road map to U.S. - Jan 24, 2006: "The National Human Rights Commission, a government-funded agency with independent powers, denied the maps -- similar to a comic-style guide booklet Mexico distributed last year -- would encourage illegal immigration."

It's just amazing when you consider the level groups and governments will stoop to in order to maintain something illegal which just happens to provide them with plenty of foreign currency. Illegal immigrants from Mexico tend to send a lot of money back to Mexico so the Mexican government does everything it can to promote and encourage the illegal behavior of illegal immigration. They don't call it illegal immigration because it's legal after all. Providing maps and advice for people on how to continue doing something that is illegal by law and treaty is well, illegal. The United States government, in this time of security concerns and time of job loss to illegals, should do whatever is necessary to stop this practice. But, farmers and businesses enjoy the fruits of this illegal enterprise so the US turns a blind eye to it. Even when the Mexican government comes out with a guide for successful illegal immigration nothing is done. Our own government needs to be held accountable for this and this begins with your congressman. After all, what's next? A guide on how to safely create methanphetimine? After all, if it's done incorrectly the chemicals used can blow up, the fumes can harm children, pets and endangered animals. Isn't it really time that the government create easy to read and understand guides for the safe and sane way to create meth? Think of the buildings saved, the money created by the creation of meth. Taxes are paid whenevern meth money is used to buy at retail after all. It's all good. Providing information on how to safely do something that is illegal can't be wrong. Right?


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