Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Soldiers for the Truth

Soldiers for the Truth
"Army tells soldiers and their familes that the armor they bought will get them no SGLI Death Benefits and possible disciplinary action"

Isn't there anyone over there at the Army that has a clue about public relations? Is everyone over there in charge just apeshit nuts? Let's see, what would be the worse public relations disaster that could happen in the Army right now. Okay, I mean other than not providing body armor to American soldiers. Heck they wouldn't do that, that would be completely asinine. Oh wait, they did do that. Okay, what would be the second most stupid thing the Army could do after that. Humm. Let's see, reports of soldiers and the families of soldiers buying their own body armor would certainly be embarrassing but wait, I can think of something much worse than that. How's about the Army telling soldiers and their families who have bought their own armor in a effort to, oh I dont know, STAY ALIVE, how's about telling them that if they take their own armor to Iraq that they will face disciplinary actions and let's even tell them that if they do use their body armor their families would lose the SGLI death benefit. Yeah, yeah, that'll look good. Let's do that! Good god. People need to be held accountable. The policy that is in place for this has an author, that author needs to be identified and canned. There should be no place for stupidity of this magnitude. It's not acceptable when the lives of American soldiers are at stake. And it shouldn't take until this is picked up by FOX news or CNN.

The order, according to the report I linked to, came from Headquarters, United States Special Operations Command (HQ, USSOCOM), located at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida. Here
In command at USSOCOM is Bryan D. Brown, General US Army according to the 2005 Annual Report. Read the 2005 Annual Report here. It's a PDF file.


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