Tuesday, October 11, 2005

WAVY.COM - Kilgore: death penalty critics not fit to be governor

WAVY.COM - Kilgore: death penalty critics not fit to be governor

I know nothing at all about the Virginia governor's race except that I've just learned that the Republican candidate who is aptly named 'Jerry Kilgore' is a complete ass. I don't know any other explanation for his statement that the Democratic candidate is not fit to be governor of Virginia because of his opposition to the death penalty. The Democratic candidate, Tim Kaine has represented death row inmates when he was a private criminal defense attorney. Apparently that makes him unfit to serve as a governor of the state of Virgina. I don't know Kilgore's view on anyones fitness to serve as governor of New Jersey or California. I do know that Kilgore believes he lives in a caste system where anyone who defends people who are charged in death penalty cases are unfit, are 'unclean' and so unworthy of certain jobs. What a nut job, what an ass.

If you happen to be a voter in Virginia you would want to reconsider voting for Kilgore. Kilgore doesn't believe you have certain rights because of views and activism he doesn't agree with. It wouldn't be a wise thing to give this self styled demigod any particular power to put his unamerican and dictatorial thoughts into action.


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