Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Margaret Carlson - The Wrong General

The Huffington Post | The Blog: "I guess we could have guessed, but there it was on page A7: sex had
raised its ugly head and the distinguished, brilliant career of Byrnes
was gone, poof, just like that. He'd been told to 'knock it off,' that
is an adulterous affair, but continued to make phone calls. That was
all it took. Byrnes was separated form his wife in mid-2004 and they
are now divorced."

It's just incredible that General Dan K. McNeill is standing in judgment of General Kevin P. Byrnes. General Byrnes has a consensual affair with a non military female while being separated from his wife. The General was seperated in 2004. His divorce just became final. Margaret Carlson has this one right. A travesty of hideous magnitude. The General McNeill who is to pass judgment on General Byrnes is the one who covered up two murders of detainees in Afghanistan. Consensual affair while separated from wife/ covering up two murders of detainees in Afghanistan. Humm. Priorities in the wrong place- what a surprise.


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