Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Annual Report on China's Military Power (and Threat)

Report to Congress:

This long awaited report, having gone through the political filters as deemed necessary, documents China's modernization efforts and the strategic threats posed by China's huge military buildup. In the words of the report.

"Preparing for a potential conflict in the Taiwan Strait is the primary driver for China's military modernization. Beijing is pursuing the ability to force Taiwan to negotiate on Beijing's terms regarding unification with the mainland. It also seeks to deter, deny, or complicate the ability of foreign forces to intervene on Taiwan's behalf. Beijing has been influenced by the emerging revolution in military affairs (RMA) and is seeking the means to counter advances the United States has made. Chinese doctrine stresses surprise, deception, and preemption as a means to offset weaknesses in equipment and other areas. Currently, China's conventional SRBM force is its most credible and immediate threat to Taiwan."

SRBM's are short range ballistic missiles. All of China's SRBM's are posed against that great military threat to China- Taiwan. They serve no other reason but to intimidate Taiwan and to be used against Taiwan in a sneak attack on the island. The report is bound to be blasted and denounced by China in short order. History buffs will recall that Hitler himself assured everyone that his military buildup was no threat to anyone and that anyone who thought it was a threat was a warmongering crazy. Humm. I wonder how China will say that same exact thing.


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