Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Eurosport - Cycling - Live and Results. Men and Women. - Tour De France - Live and Results

Eurosport - Cycling - Live and Results. Men and Women. - Tour De France - Live and Results. Men and Women.

Getting quite a few hits to my site at www.gadlaw.com from people looking for the live audio stream of the Tour de France. If you follow the above link it will take you to the Eurosport site and links right to the player which gives you the live audio. Make sure you are using Windows Explorer and the latest Windows Media Player for it though. I'm also seeing a lot of google quests saying that the Eurosport live audio link does not work. Well. Today it was a bit spotty and there's nothing for that. If you get absolutely nothing at all it's perhaps because you are running Firefox. I use Firefox as well but to get the audio I have to run Explorer. I don't open anything else up with Explorer but the race audio and use Firefox to follow the Eurosport live text feed and the DK (Dutch) site to get the near live pictures. If you still have trouble with Explorer then you might want to check to see if you have the latest Windows Media Player loaded up. That should do it for you. If you have cable TV and you have OLN TV then you should be able to watch it all day long. If not, then yell at your cable operator or change to Satellite TV. You might also want to go complain at OLN online since they should have a nice audio feed for us but they don't. Buggers. Good race today, Lance Armstrong powered up those two mountains and took the Yellow Jersey back from Voigt and is a good four minutes ahead of Ullrich. Unfortunately though, Lance was nosed out of the stage by Valverde and he has Rasmussen from Rabobank less than a minute behind him in the overall. Great race so far.


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