Thursday, June 30, 2005

Teflon likely to cause cancer

Teflon likely to cause cancer: "The report, which is still in draft, is written by the scientific advisory panel of the Environmental Protection Agency, and has identified perfluorooctanoic acid as a 'likely carcinogen'."

Oh yeh. It's one of those things that many of us have known for many a year. For instance the fumes that come from a heated pan which is treated with Teflon is in fact a killer for pet birds. Birds have a more sensitive lung system than do humans and for that reason have been used as safety devices for man when the quality of the air was in question. Miners would take canaries down into the mines with them and when the birds stopped singing/making noise and dropped dead it was a good indication that humans would themselves be dropping dead soon. Thus warned the human miners would clammor out of the mines and be saved to die in a mine collapse or of black lung at a later date. But the point is that birds have been the early warning sign for humans in cases where the quality of the air is in question. All the pet bird literature states quite clearly that if you have pet birds then you don't have Teflon or Teflon variations in your house. It kills birds dead. Well, to my way of thinking, what's not good for birds is not good for me either. So no Teflon. Lo and behold there are now studies that show what I already know, what you could have already known if you perhaps had a pet bird and or were in contact with bird owners who already know this. So toss out that Teflon.


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