Saturday, July 02, 2005

BBC SPORT | Radio Five Live | Listen to BBC Radio Five Live

BBC SPORT | Radio Five Live | Listen to BBC Radio Five Live

Listening to BBC Sport radio on the internet and the only thing they keep talking about is their charming little 'Live 8' concerts. The main thing about it is that they are chagrined that the US doesn't care. "Why oh why doesn't the United States give a darn about debt relief to Africa?" - To which I answer - Why Should We care? Why should we care that millionaire out of touch rock stars want us to give our money to Africa? Why would we want to lobby our government about African Debt Relief? We've got Supreme Court Justices and Eminent Domain issues to worry about. We've got pedophilia laws to worry about strengthening. The least important issue for us to worry about is whether or not corrupt dictators in Africa get relieved of the the debts they have run up. We see ourselves with our debts and we know that nobody is coming to save us from those debts. It's just plain stupid. Oh -and U2 sucks, they haven't had a good album since the Joshua Tree.


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