Saturday, July 02, 2005

Tour de France 2005

Tour de France 2005: "Sebastian Moll offers a look at the day's events from the perspective
of Jan Ullrich. I said at the end of the stage that T-Mobile would have
to give serious thought to switching alliance to Alexandre Vinokourov,
who finished 3rd on the day, 53 seconds back, and Moll examines the
question in more depth:"

You know we all don't have access to OLN.TV. So those of us who would like to keep track of the Tour de France 2005 would like very much if there was a audio feed of the event, somewhere. Anywhere. I'm watching this blog to see if they have information on where and how to listen online, I'm checking here at for their list of places to see and listen to the Tour. But no luck. OLN has fallen off the job and hasn't even got there website running consistently. Sirius is a big time Satellite radio system with every NFL football game but they don't have time or a place to pull a feed of the Tour. Discovery Channel which now sponsors Lance Armstrong's team doesn't have a live feed of the audio, let alone a video feed. France has a feed but you have to be in France to get it. If only I knew how to run a proxy I'd try to grab the feed from there. It's very frustrating. ESPN hardly mentions it. Instead there was pool trick shooting and something I can't even remember on their channels. Not even a crawl, not even updates, not even a word. Instead there is only a 'live' text on a number of websites to let you know in a few words what happened a few minutes ago. Just frustrating.


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