Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Danish Guantanamo-prisoner Slimane Hadj Abderahmane -Want to Fight in Chechnya

TV 2 News in English: "Chechnya"

I just sent this one to littlegreenfootballs.com. One of the people who has been released from Gitmo has expressed a desire to go fight in Chechnya. Of course, a condition of his release from Gitmo was that he would not take part in terrorist activities. Whether it was legal to hold him in the first place or not is one issue to be argued about but the issue at hand is the one about him signing an agreement to not do certain things. That would be his personal bond, his character and his honor.

The article goes on to state that some Danish politicians would like to hold him under arrest. Some Chechnya terrorist leaders have said they don't want him. Apparently though, the Danish authorities are keeping a close eye on him and are in contact with American officials about Mr. Slimane. Interesting story.


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