Saturday, July 16, 2005

People's Daily Online -- Remarks by university dean were personal views: FM spokesman

People's Daily Online -- Remarks by university dean were personal views: FM spokesman: "Responding to inquiries about Zhu's remarks, the FM spokesman said Zhu met with a visiting delegation of Hong Kong-based reporters organized by the Better Hong Kong Foundation on Thursday."

The official distancing from the words of nutjob Zhu Chenghu. Notably you will see no demotion of Zhu and only a lukewarm distancing of his views by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman. And also notably you will hear the diplomat speak which says basically that they appreciate that the US is committed to the 'One China' policy and that they will not tolerate Taiwanese Independence.

It's all the language of folks whose world views are not reality based. Of course, Taiwan is independent and has been since it's life as a Japanese colony was ended by the United States. Since the end of WWII it has been independent of Japan. The basis of Chinese claims of sovereignty go back to the days of glory when China accepted 'tribute' from small nearby nations who didn't want trouble with the 500 pound Gorilla living nearby. By that rational of course, Egypt could claim suzerainty over Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc. Or the President of Italy could claim suzerianty over all of Europe. Or the leader of Turkey could claim the middle east and half of Europe... well you get the idea. It's nonsense. Dangerous, like Hitler wanting Alsace-Lorraine back dangerous and just as justified.


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