Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Fat Cyclist: Tour de France Personality Test

Fat Cyclist: Tour de France Personality Test

A bit of Tour de France humor. Very little humor but what's ya gonna do? It's the Tour de France for goodness sakes and as such isn't in the radar of most of the people. The Tour that is, humor is everywhere. I only link to this because oh I don't know, it's like a horoscope. It's mostly wrong, a bit funny but mostly wrong. A brief stop on your surfing way. Alright, this does stick in my craw a bit. The writer, who first of all is writing at '' for pete's sake, which is as lame as is possible to be, the writer says that in his personality test that you want Lance Armstrong to win then "you are a pragmatist....and a 70% chance you voted Republican. ....and if you are willing to vigorously defend Armstrong's character flaws, there is a 95% chance you are Republican."
That takes shots at people who are fans of Lance. It's just wrong headed. Like I said, almost could have been funny but went for the jabs at Lance Armstrong.

For the recond, I admire all these riders. It's a very punishing sport both physically and mentally. I admire the strength and perseverance of people like Armstrong and Ullrich. These guys push through pain and the failings of their bodies. They crash and get up again just to take more pain to get further down the road. I think Armstrong will win, I think Ullrich will never give up. I take particular issue with some of those critics who say Ullrich is a loser. Man, as long as you never give up you are never a loser and Ullrich has never given up. Even the guys who failed to get to the end of the race today, notably Jans Voigt who was eliminated from the Tour today for not getting to the end within a certain percentage of the time of the winners can't possibly be labeled a loser. I watched him pushing himself up that mountain on dead legs. You know, for me losers would be those people who call people like that losers. Ah, but that's my opinion.


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