Tuesday, July 12, 2005

VeloNews: 2005 Tour de France Special Coverage

VeloNews: 2005 Tour de France Special Coverage: "The 33-year-old Texan surged back into the yellow jersey on Tuesday's
decisive climbing stage across the French Alps to Courchevel. And while
he couldn't drop everyone - Michael Rasmussen, Alejandro Valverde and
Francisco Mancebo rode his vapors - he opened up important time gaps on
just about everyone else."

"No more seven-minute breakaways for Michael Rasmussen." said Lance Armstrong at the end of this stage of the race. That sounds about right. The audio feed came from Eurosport a bit spotty today which made things more tense. Ah, like the old days of listening to Nuggets basketball games in Sacramento. The signal would fade in and out and half the fun was in trying to pull the signal from Denver all the way to California. Fun listening and exciting all in all.


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