Monday, July 18, 2005 - Congressman suggests way to retaliate for nuclear terror - Jul 18, 2005 - Congressman suggests way to retaliate�for nuclear terror - Jul 18, 2005:

Representative Tancredo muses on what sort of responses to make to a mulitiple nuclear attack on US cities by Islamic Terrorists. Terrorists have no State of their own to attack and are otherwise not deterred by being killed or by dying in their attacks. And if you think about it they do not expect that the United States would be willing to attack and 'nuke' the one place they might actually care about. And you can bet as sure as the sun rises that Tancredo will be assaulted and demonized for even suggesting that the threat of a nuclear attack on Mecca be used as a deterrent to a nuclear attack against the United States.

An attack on the United States by four airplanes and which killed thousands of people resulted in two wars by the United States. The Afghanistan and Iraq wars are the direct results of those 9-11 attacks. A nuclear attack against the United States by any stateless terrorists will cause a similar reaction. Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran will be under the barrel of the gun and it would be a remarkable level of restraint if some nukes weren't dropped. The outcry for revenge will be overwhelming and like the voices of liberals which were silenced after 9-11 they will likewise be completely silenced in the rage that follows nukes used in US cities.

So the remarks of Representative Tancredo are really not far from the truth as to what would happen if that nuclear attack materializes. I fully believe it will happen and my guess would be Newark/New York being bombed. If the leaders of Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia were thinking rationally they would do everything they could to see that such an attack did not happen. As soon as a mushroom cloud rises about any US territory those despots can say goodbye to their power and their lives. I don't believe they are able to think that rationally or that far ahead.


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