Friday, August 12, 2005

The Epoch Times | Convert the Chinese Communist Party into the People’s Party

The Epoch Times | Convert the Chinese Communist Party into the People’s Party: "This is the reality in China, total absence of justice in many places,
the ordinary people have no place to right a wrong, and complaints can
be heard everywhere. The CCP corruption also caused social morality to
degenerate. The entire China is like an apple, rotten gradually from
the core to outside."

This is a link to a speech by Han Guangsheng, the former Chief of the Justice Bureau in Shenyang City. As a member of the Chinese Communist Party he has particular insights into the problems in China. He defected to Canada in 2001. In a nutshell he identifies many of the issues that are in play in China today. An obvious structual change in Chinese society today is the idea of there being a 'class struggle' which is no longer supported. What this means is that the idea and reality of the little guy, the farmer, the peasant, is no longer supported. As in a previous article the social net for farmers and others is now gone. The glue tha provided validity and stability is now gone.

China is and was a totalitarian state, the difference now is that the CCP rule is moretenuouss as the society fragments into haves and have nots. This is important because China is one billion people with nuclear weapons. This is important because China is one billion people with a government ruled by factions in competition, some of those factions aremilitaristicc and believe in war to acheive their goals. Since the Tiananmen Square Massacre the hardliner/militaristic faction has been in ascendancy.

The problem here is that the world depends on China to remain a rational actor on the world stage and as China spirals downward toward it's implosion that rational actor is moving toward irrationality. The internal pressures of that coming implosion demand answers which would relieve the pressure and traditionally war is a solution often found by weakened governments. China is becoming more militaristic as witnessed by the rhetoric about Taiwan and by their actions in putting more military assets across from Taiwan. China is becoming more harsh with internal dissent as witnessed by the continuing Falun Gong crackdown. Classic reactions by governments loosing their grip. The article is worth a read.

The specter of Communism can no longer survive. The CCP has already become a synonym for brutality and deception. The CCP has already given up communism and class struggle itself. The CCP has already allowed capitalists to join the Party. The CCP is no longer the political party for the proletariat or the working class.


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