Friday, September 02, 2005

Live police/radio scanner from New Orleans

Live police/radio scanner from New Orleans

Thanks to I am listening to a live feed of police radio in New Orleans. The whole catastrophe is showing how the world will end, how civilization ends in the face of natural disaster or man made disaster. I'm thinking that the Governor of Louisiana has now become a KKK hero, someone who has killed more black people than any Klu Klux Klan member could ever hope to kill. Her inaction, her inability to mobilize and to begin to deal with this foreseeable disaster has doomed hundreds, thousands of people. Thousands of poor people, predominantly black. The lawlessness is astounding but foreseeable. The reaction to that lawlessness was initially to ignore it. The proper response was to call in every available and unavailable policeman, national guard and military. Instead we get told in seriousness by smooth talking suit wearing 'officials' that the military cannot help because of laws prohibiting their use. These are the same bastard politicians who have no problem ignoring graft laws and nepotism laws and any other law which lines their pockets and suddenly they can't break this one law? Well, you know if ever there was a time to break the rules now would be the time. Let the judges make whatever rulings they want about how illegal it is to have the military working to ensure order and lawfulness after law and order is established. Damn it, this is a complete clusterf*&k. The President needs to federalize this problem and give the area over to the military to control. They will still have to go through the city house to house to get the gangs and thugs out of town and into jails where they belong. Those people are not leaving, they are Lord of the Flies, they are kings of the cesspools and won't be easily taken out. This problem is being ignored, the people aren't being moved quickly enough, people are dying in the streets. People dying in the streets in the United States of America. The President needs to have a map brought to him and he needs to find a place near New Orleans and begin to build a new city because there is no way you can put all these people in sports arenas for any length of time. It's crazy and they are making small time fixes to long term problems. They need to dig up a real President like FDR who would get things done. This is just unacceptable.


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