Thursday, August 18, 2005 / World / Asia-Pacific - China sets up squads to combat terrorism / World / Asia-Pacific - China sets up squads to combat terrorism: "'The new squads are aimed at improving the ability of the police to
handle terrorist crimes, riots and other emergencies,' said a statement
on Xinhua, the official news agency."

This article is interesting because it reflects a reality that exists and for the fact that the Chinese are admitting it. Specifically the article gives these figures "...the authorities dealt with 74,000 protests and riots nationwide last year, involving more than 3.7m people, compared with 10,000 incidents in 1994."

Interestingly enough there is a criticism of the plan and of the society itself from a professor at Renmin University in Beijing who said "The crux of the problem lies in an unbalanced society which lacks justice and equality,"

Again, evidence of a society in flux and a society becoming more and more unstable.


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