Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chronicle Podcasts : The execution of Clarence Ray Allen

Chronicle Podcasts : The execution of Clarence Ray Allen: "San Francisco Chronicle metro reporter Kevin Fagan podcasts from San Quentin State Prison where he witnessed the execution of Clarence Ray Allen, who at the age of 76 was the oldest prisoner ever executed in California and one of the oldest ever put to death in the United States."

The San Fransisco Chronicle has podcasts of the Clarance Ray Allen execution as well as of the Stanley 'Tookie' Williams executions from last month. Lucid, well reported and even handed they are worth a listen no matter what your position on the death penalty.

Executions are becoming commonplace and right now there are about six more executions scheduled for the rest of January. A couple three in Texas, a couple if Florida, in Indiana and North Carolina. On the 19th of January Julius Murphy in Texas. On the 20th Perrie Simpson in North Carolina. On the 24th Clarence Edward Hill in Florida. On the 25th is Marion Dudley in Texas. On the 27th Marvin Bieghler in Indiana. On the 31st of Janauary Arther D. Rutherford in Florida and Jaime Elizalde in Texas.


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