Thursday, January 19, 2006
"Human Rights Watch criticises the human rights policy record of the European Union and it's members"

This is no big surprise and not even a new criticism of Europe and of the United States in these post cold war days. The idea of right and wrong, of good and evil has been pushed down in favor of dollars and yuan. Money, in the form of trade and imports have taken the preeminent place in foreign policy for the United States and for the nations of Europe. Both ignor human rights violations in China and Russia and Saudi Arabia and everywhere else as long as there are minerals, raw materials, oil or cheap labor and imported goods to be had. It's the post cold war world in a world that no longer even remembers the cold war. You could convincingly argue that the values that we all rallied around during the cold war were a thin veneer over which the same policies played out but in those thinly held views and rhetoric there were moments when the myth became reality and noble actions in the name of those values were taken. No longer. It's the dollar and the yuan now, people be damned.


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