Sunday, October 28, 2007

Playing with yet another service I signed up on a while back out of curiosity and I can see that the photo adding thing has been fixed. Maybe, I have yet to post and see for myself if it is fixed or not. I'll see if animated gifs work or not and if the structure I set up a while back is still in order. Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays, a evening to not be on the roads because it's not safe for children. It's not safe for cars as well and then there are the too old kids who come around looking to knock on the door and get candy. Candy, like folks can't get candy without knocking on doors. But this too will pass as will the endlessly showing ten version of the Halloween movies. If I flip a channel and see that Jason idiot walking along and still catching other idiots who are running and one would assume running for their lives and who still are getting caught by the walking, plodding mask wearing retard I'd scream but it wouldn't do any good at all. Oh well, just a few more days of that before it's endlessly finding It's a Wonderful Life on every channel.


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