Friday, May 07, 2010

You know, it's an amazing thing being labeled and put into a little slot depending on what anyone knows about your politics or your background or whatever. I've given my opinion on Illegal Immigration and the curious thing is according to everyone who has read my opinions I am a Conservative Nativist Gay Bigoted White Man (as you can see by the hat - a sure sign of my hostility to Hispanics and a sure sign that I'm a Tea Party Neocon Racist. It's fascinating to read the replies to my considering opinions. None of the replies I've read address those opinions but there is never an end to the discussion about my personal life and the Militias I belong to. Fascinating and disturbing at the same time. Discourse, the exchange of ideas is not something done all that often, people don't seem to know how to do it any longer. It's a hateful, hate filled world out there online and in real life, only online everyone is willing to slander, slur and otherwise be offensive. Well, as a Hispanic fellow who has not only voted for Obama but I even bought the Tee-shirt and who is not gay I'm not a member of any Militia, I don't like the Tea Party for a number of reasons and who is not a Racist - I still don't like or agree with any amnesty for Illegal Aliens and do agree with a level of Cultural Assimilation rather than the cultural Balkanization I see with the Hispanic Community in the United States. Things that put people in opposite camps inevitably end with a 'us versus them' mentality on both sides. Anything that allows that to continue - like sending students home who have American themed clothing on regardless of whose National Drinking Holiday is being celebrated is not helpful. Simple and clear.


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