Sunday, April 25, 2010

Arizona's Efforts to Stem the Tides of Chaos

You know, I am Hispanic and I support Arizona's efforts to regain control of their state. If you were in Mexico you couldn't be without your 'paper's and if you were illegally there you better believe that you'd be arrested. But somehow in the United States we're supposed to continue to follow the liberal ideals where you cannot even ask a illegal if they are illegal since to do so would be to somehow against their constitutional rights - rights they don't have as illegals, rights that nobody has when it comes to being lawfully stopped by police. If I drive I have my licence, my registration, my insurance proof - my 'papers' and I'm expected to carry those when I drive. Why is that? There is a lawful need that my society has determined in order to keep social order and for my protection. So in Arizona, in order to keep social order and for the protection of the citizens of that state and of every other state who comes to Arizona to vacation, they are asking for papers. Wow, how unAmerican of them. Do I want to buy a pack of cigarettes? A beer? Papers please. Do I want to cash a check or perform a financial transaction, use a credit card, buy COLD MEDICINE? Papers please. Arizona has a major crisis of violence and social disorder happening, they can't ask for papers to see if you're in the United States legally? Absurd. And the critics don't live in the real world. Something needs to be done, someone is doing something finally. I hope the rest of the Border states do something similar. Get the gangs out, get the illegals out and return social order and safety to the people who live there.


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