Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Popularized 'Death to the President' Crap at Facebook this time

This is a Facebook page created so that people can wish for the death of President Obama. They think it's clever enough that their position and desire isn't up front but it is. The person who passed that along in their workplace backpedaled and tried to say they weren't advocating violence against the President of the United States but the implication of the site is clear. Popularizing the desire for violence to befall the President because they do not agree with his policies. Well, I have notified Facebook via their little tab that allows you to report sites and I'm curious to see if this will stand or if Facebook will do the right thing and bring it down as the despicable hate site that is has become and will continue to be. Just reading the posts there and you know what the intention is. It needs to come down. And as a fellow who did vote for Obama I need to realize that not wearing my Obama shirt - which I got for donating to the campaign - is assisting and abetting the noisy minority. So, I've put my Obama shirt back in rotation and wear it out. These folks need to see that they did lose the election and those of us who voted for him are still here.


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