Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Zombie McCain rises from the Ashes

Well, half of my last year predictions about who each party will nominate are on track. Hillary Clinton looks like the probable nominee for the Democratic Party and although Obama has come up like Jesus out of the mist, he is not going to be able to overcome the Clinton political machine. In my opinion of course. On the Republican side there is a fascinating battle going on for between many candidates and not a one of them is Republican enough for more than 33 percent of the voters in any of the primaries or other boutique voting events so far.

The one candidate, still loved by the media as the least Republican of the Republicans - John McCain, came up with his usual win in New Hampshire and so is being touted by the media types as the front runner in the Republican side of this circus. Zombie McCain, Amnesty McCain, RINO McCain, whatever you want to call him - has arrived at the Florida race in as good a shape as any of the other candidates. My early on guesstimation of a Rudy nomination looks less likely with every new poll that has come out and with every pundit pronouncement I've heard. If I had to change my guess for the Republican most likely to come out the convention with the nomination I would have to say that Romney looks more likely than any of the others. Still, any one candidate can only muster 33 percent of the slim Republican vote and each candidate is fairly despised by the other 67 percent of Republican voters. Since his Amnesty Bill and his refusal to back down in the face of overwhelming opposition I have a very dim view of McCain. We've already had a President who ignors the wishes of the citizens and we don't need another one who thinks he's King. We don't want to replace King George with King John. And to those who say that we should get behind him anyways as the one Republican who can win I would simply say that it would be better to have a Democrat for Republicans to rally against than to have a pretend Republican President who will further splinter the party and rule with the help of the Democrats. Amnesty? No matter what McCain has said he still supports Amnesty. He calls it something different but it amounts to the same exact thing. With him as President the Republicans who barely were able to stand up to King George with the American people standing up beside the few who were against the Amnesty, will find it even more difficult to stand up and defeat the Amnesty Bill as it's rammed down our throats. Better to have Hillary or Obama which will better unite the opposition and give Anti Amnesty forces something to rally against.

Well, time will tell and it'll tell which way the wind is going to blow fairly shortly now. Florida then the twenty states on Super Tuesday and we'll have a better idea of how things will shake down. With any luck at all it'll be to the Convention for both Parties without a clearcut nominee.


Anonymous Zombie Reagan said...

Embrace the Zombie Voters... let's try for a real undead president...

Zombie Reagan

1/24/2008 9:19 AM  

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