Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Sisterhood Beat the Brotherhood

Great debate at MSNBC on Hardball today. The question of why Hillary won in New Hampshire and if it was the dreaded Bradley effect - where people tell pollsters one thing when it comes to voting for or against a black candidate and then do another thing in the privacy of their voting booth. Yup, it's the dreaded 'Waaaa! They didn't vote for the Black Man because he's a black man" excuse. The thing was that the polls said Obama was winning and winning big but when the votes were cast he lost consistently all night long by a good three percent. No bump, no city/country divide- it was straight the whole night. And the Pundits were completely wrong and today they are looking for the excuses as to why it wasn't their fault. It's a lot of that going on, It's not my fault excuse. The debate on Hardball had the obligatory black professor saying it was racial prejudice rearing it's ugly head and Dee Dee Myers and Pat Buchannan saying it was women rising up to support Hillary after they had seen Hillary pilloried by everyone and thought that was not fair. The numbers of course bear that out, women did in fact turn sharply toward Hillary and the polls also said that some 40 percent of folks were undecided until the end. So, my goodness. The Pundits are doing their best to spin it in favor of Obama since after all Obama is the choice of the Fourth Estate. It's 'good' for Obama to have lost, it'll make him a better person and a better President. Nonsense like that. Interesting all in all.


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