Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Do you hear that Mrs. Clinton? That is the Sound of Inevitability

Well, it is as I thought it would be. On the front page of my website at www.gadlaw.com I have a short essay saying who I thought was going to come out of these primaries and despite the media hysteria for Obama and a rerun of the media fondness for McCain, it's pretty much going as I thought it would go. The Media foamed at the mouth and was as usual making up their own stories to confirm their own prejudices which rumored about Hillary preparing to give up the race since of course, a few thousand folks in Iowa put her in third place which nicely went along with their own desires for the outcome. Drudge Report - of course spent the last few days drumming that story complete with sad pictures of Hillary Clinton getting ready to give her concession speech and slink on into the night so the Inevitable Obama train can barrel on down the road. Of course, right now, as the race in New Hampshire has been decided the tiny type does mention that Hillary did win the race there. Funny. I hear MSNBC bemoan how they could have been wrong and I don't even bother looking over at Fox News where they had there propaganda machine trying to gin up Mitt Romney to no avail. Those Fox News people are not even worth bothering with.
Well, the talking heads remind me of Eddie Haskel from Leave It To Beaver trying to explain what he did wrong. Now at MSNBC the talking blathering heads are saying that this will be good for Obama, tasting defeat which will make him more humble and a better Inevitable President since of course the Media guys will do their best to provide us with the proper opinion of who to to vote for in the end. Let's see, I'm hearing the people lied to the pollsters, the women of New Hampshire thought Hillary had been unfairly savaged and so came out to support her and then of course Keith Oberman and others giving their sports analogies for the unexpected nature of politics. Giving their Eddie Haskel excuses for their erroneous pontifications.
As for the McCain victory on the Republican side, well you know, he won New Hampshire before and then nosedived when he got to the South and the more Republican voters, Republican Religious voters that is. Huckabee will win in those South States, Romney will probably win in Michigan and when the February big states come up Rudy will take the lead from the bunch that can't consolidate their tiny sectarian victories. Obviously people from one state aren't snowed into believing any bandwagon or inevitable candidate is decided by the previous state voters. So, it will be Hillary versus Rudy with the good possibility now that there will be a third party run by Bloomberg although I still can't see how he thinks it's possible. The only real unknown right now will be who the running mates will be. Ah, I love politics, so interesting.

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