Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama Has A Unicorn to Sell You - Camelot

Today Ted Kennedy and his clan of various Kennedy's anointed Barack Obama as the torchbearer or sword bearer of the dream of a Liberal Camelot. With appropriate fanfare and breathless coverage at CNN which pretty much televised the whole event. Afterwards giddy talking heads saw it as the inevitiable march of the Obama Parade. The return of hope for the Democratic Party and Sir Obama as the new Vicar of Change. It was all very impressive in it's own way, Obama seemed genuinely stunned by the whole thing and perhaps in some way it might actually cause him to consider actually becoming the voice of change that many people hope that he is. Personally I'm cynical and don't believe in the snake potion they are selling. He's extremely liberal in outlook and is running far to the left. Generally this is the kiss of death for a liberal but Obama by virtue of his color is perceived differently. People project what they want into him and make him either King Arthur or John Kennedy or whatever their dream of a shiny wonderful world full of Unicorns and magic. The only problem with all of that is that there are no Unicorns but there are no end to the number of people who will be more than willing to sell you a Unicorn. To my thinking, Obama is selling Unicorns and nothing else. Magic and charm in the place of reality. It would be nice if that wasn't the case, I'd like to believe in magic and Unicorns but my better sense tells me to be wary and don't fall into the cult of the Obama.


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