Friday, January 25, 2008

Marine Killer Wins The Stay Alive Award

Marine Cpl. Cesar Laurean who has been indicted for the murder of Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach and thanks to the laws of North Carolina will not be indicted for the death of her near term baby has won the criminal lottery. Yes indeed, by the very fact that he has eluded capture and apparently made his way to Mexico he will now not face the same possible penalties that others in the United States might face after committing such a heinous murder. This is because Mexico will not even arrest someone who has committed murder in the United States and successfully made it to Mexico if they are under the possibility of a death sentence if convicted.

Personally I am against the Death Penalty for moral and ethical reasons as well as logical reasons. And this of course is another of those reasons, it's not fair that two people, who commit the same exact crime could be treated differently based upon one of those people being smart or clever enough to high tail it to Mexico where he or she can't be extradited if he could be subject to the Death Penalty. Laurean, if he commited the murder of Maria Lauterbach and her unborn baby deserves all the bad things that will happen to him but he doesn't deserve to receive favored treatment because of his ability to escape to Mexico. The worse things that could have happened to him if he had assaulted Maria Lauterbach and fathered her baby don't compare to what will happen to him now. And I wish him a very long life in a very deep deep hole when he is finally brought to justice.


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