Thursday, January 22, 2009

Caroline Kennedy Nominates herself "Person of the Year"

I'm happy to see the Princess has stepped down from her platform where she waited to be anointed as the next Senator to the State of New York. I was watching her apologists out and about saying how Caroline Kennedy was hurt and bewildered by the amount of criticism and scrutiny she got, apparently from her Princess tower she has no concept of reality and the reality is that we don't need an anointed Dynasty continued. If she wants to get down with the real people and actually run for the office then that's all fine and good, let the people decide but I'm thinking she'll go back to her tower and buy or establish residency in Massachusetts and wait out the coming passing of Ted Kennedy, - The "Lush of the Senate" - that particular fellow if he really believes the tenets of his faith knows he's not going to the happy place when he dies.