Friday, September 05, 2008

Pentatonic Scale Patterns in Gmaj

Alright, after some suggestions as to the best way to illustrate this I have created another Pentatonic Scale Patterns in Gmajor . It's the same as the Scale Patterns in the post below except that the numbering relates to the Gmajor Scale itself. That means where the Red Number One is you'll find all across the scale - the G note. The key in the corner gives you the five notes that are used in this fingering of the Pentatonic Scale. I've got this tacked up next to the place I practice my guitar so I can reinforce the notes and the fingerings. They say that it's a good idea to take each pattern and go up and down the fretboard and I've found out that 'they' know what they are talking about. Also, while you are trying to learn all the notes -and it's possible, don't despair if you find it difficult, while you are trying to learn all of the notes you are importantly here - learning the fingerings independent of the notes you see here in this version for the Gmaj scale.
As always, you can follow the discussion and find more fretboard maps that are easy to read and understandable here and at the Truefire Forum


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