Tuesday, September 02, 2008

C Major Scale - in colors and numbers!

Okay, here is my second in a series of Fretboard Diagrams designed carefully and with much thought and foresight, to aid me in learning the Fretboard. I had an idea of how I visually wanted to have this information presented and went looking for someone else who might have done it. Lazy me of course. I couldn't find any that I was happy with or were of a size that was of any use. So, I did it myself. And if there is anyone else who is looking for a C Major Scale done in numbers with a number-note key on the side and of a size you can print to tack on on the wall or put in the notebook to look at - well look no further. Hope someone else finds this useful. It seems if you click on this it'll get to a proper size and you can print it from your computer, it should be about the size of a piece of paper. You can also find a discussion about this and other Guitar Theory questions Truefire Beginners Forum



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