Thursday, February 07, 2008

McCain the Racist

You know, I don't usually pay much attention to the muckraking done with regard to candidates but I must say the statement by John McCain against Asians is much severe than the statement made by that Virginia Republican and Macacca statement. The article from the San Francisco Chronicle says it better than I could Here
There is something so evil and despicable by John McCain and his hatred of Asians, enough hatred that he called the 'Gooks' - that he really should not be allowed to have achieved the position that he has. I dislike him for that as well as for his Amnesty for Illegal Aliens in the face of overwhelming opposition from people around and across the United States. There was enough opposition that an usual thing happened, a deal that was cut and on it's way to completion was stopped by the outcry of Americans. What is John McCain's position now? Same as it was. He'll still provide amnesty for those Illegals in the country, he won't close the border and if by some wild chance he was elected to the office of President of the United States he would completely destroy the Conservative wing of the Republican Party. He would rule with a Super Majority of Democrats and RINO Republicans. Conservative Republicans would be marginalized and removed from positions of power in the Party and it would cease to be the Republican Party. There is a good reason why John McCain is beloved by the Liberal Media and Press, it's because he isn't a Republican any longer. He's a Moderate Democrat. I for one will not now or ever vote for John McCain.


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