Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back To Basics - The D and E Notes on the Fretboard

Here we have a trainer for the D and E notes. One on each Fretboard, you can find the D notes across the Fretboard in isolation of the other notes then do the same thing with the E note.The first and the sixth notes are open E strings which means that strumming them without fretting anything on the Fretboard gets you the E note. When you fret the 12th Fret on either string and strum/pluck it you get the E Note an Octave from the original note. To follow the discussion and learn more Guitar Information and Tips go to the - Discussions range from Blues Guitar, to Twang, to Country, to Rock, to Acoustic Guitar - in short, if it's played on a guitar you'll find a discussion about it at


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