Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Forgiving Nature of Blogging

I signed up for this service some time ago and used the happy little Firefox extension in order to access the blog at a second's notice. Umm, since that time I had the major crash of doom here. I think I stupidly opened up an email from the randomly generated fake name since the name sounded familiar to me. So that was lots of fun and the end result was that I had lost the Firefox extension and a few other things. Didn't reinstall it when I did the complete reinstall and well you know, one day follows another day and then it's months later. And so there you have it. The waxing and waning of the desire to write always leaves me with too much energy or not enough. Right now I'm trying to understand CSS enough to do the annual redesign of my website at On particularly inspiring and wonderous site is the css Zen Garden which provides me with all sorts of gnashing envy and impetous to do something as wonderful. Oh yes, never open email from johanna. It's probably not from her and it's likely a virus. In similar news, never send money to Nigerian government officials who only need your checking account number in order to send you large piles of money. Indeed.


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