Wednesday, December 15, 2004

New England Nears 1st Execution Since 1960

New England Nears 1st Execution Since 1960

I saw a article on this '' site I thought I might comment upon. Specifically when it begins with the unsubstantiated insult form of argument. The first, in the article, says that if Michael Ross- a convicted murderer is executed then the state of Connecticut will have gone down a couple of notches on the civilization scale. This was followed by equally insulting rebukes. My reply sought to speak to some of the misconceptions that had been thrown about. For that, my posting privileges had been revoked. Amazing. A me too board that didn't appreciate anyone not agreeing with the preconceieved ideas being sent back and forth to themselves. Sorry, I thought it was a board for the exchange of ideas and thoughts. Didn't know it was only the approved thoughts. My words worthy of being banned.

Very true. I mean, all you have to do is see how murder and robbery have gone down in those states that have active death penalty enforcement. Why in Texas and Florida there are probably far fewer murders than in Connecticut right? Even if you take it percentage wise why it's probably way safer in Texas and Florida. What? You mean that's not the case? Humm, I think the idea that civilization is based on whether there is a actively enforced death penalty is not valid. However, there is a correlation between repressive societies and the death penalty. Communist China has the death penalty. Islamic civilized Saudi Arabia has the death penalty. Great company for the US to be associated with isn't it? :-)

I feel so unclean, I feel like banning myself. Shame on me for having a different opinion.


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