Thursday, November 18, 2004

Makeover coming for man once wrongly dubbed 'snaggletooth killer' (

Makeover coming for man once wrongly dubbed 'snaggletooth killer' (

For those who support the death penalty there is the example of Ray Krone. A man who was twice convicted of a murder which he did not commit. Ray Krone spent two years on death row, had his conviction overturned on procedural grounds then reconvicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder he ended up being exonerated on thanks to our friend dna. The article is about him being on a television show which does radical makeovers on people. Ray has a crooked grill and is otherwise not handsome. Nicknamed 'snaggletooth' over his dental deficiencies and convicted thanks to a supposed match of his bite to bites on the victim, his case is another example of why the death penalty is unjust and immoral. Look for his makeover and story to be seen on tv.


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