Wednesday, November 10, 2004

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Mystery sub sparks Japan alert

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Mystery sub sparks Japan alert

I was listening to a public radio station today. There was a fellow, a scholar who had written a book about how war as a 'institution' was becoming extinct. Mainly he defined wars away, - calling them conflicts or police actions and said basically the big honking wars involving states are a thing of the past. His evidence was that Europe, previously a war happy, constantly in conflict kinda place was a blindingly peacful nook of the planet now. Humm. He forgot that little Serbian thing or rather he defined that conflict away. Also, in an effort to run towards his happy liberal paradise of mankind he really failed to even understand that the absense of war as he defines it doesn't mean it's permanently gone. So absurd. The link shows one of the permanent conflicts in the world which has not gone away and will not go away. A chinese sub probes into Japanese territory raising alarm in the Japanese military forces. The article goes on to say that the two parties have been in diplomatic conflict over the east china sea and the resources that may be there. Both China and Japan as well as the Phillippines for that matter, claim some or all of the area and thereby the rights to the resources of the area. An area of conflict, an area of traditional conflict- resources. Something that will not go away and thereby bodes for the future possibility for war. The end of war. Wow, somebody get on the horn and tell Pakistan/India, China/Taiwan, China/Japan, Christianity/Islam, Islam/Judaism, etc the good news.


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