Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Aha-Bush wins as I predicted

Well goodness gracious. It was close, but not so very close. My instincts were correct and my October 27th prediction of Bush as the winner was dead on. And now of course it's the long and sometimes messy last gasp happening now. Ohio is being contested as of the moment I write this. The networks are being gun shy and not calling New Mexico and Nevada which are clearly Bush wins which is simply ratings bait. It was fun, I wanted to watch the Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center painted over but NBC was so slow and hardly ever went back to that live real graphic. I did appreciate the banners down the side of the building at NBC to, pretty cool. That was great. Like all good americans I flipped channels around to the various news stations and networks, certainly no commercial touched my eyes. I had to stop and watch Gilmore Girls cause it's my favorite show and the news wasn't going anywhere.

Mostly FOX News for me as whenever one of the other networks got annoying or put a shrill political hack on I changed to another channel. Susan Estrich was particularly shrill and annoying and clearly not in touch with reality at the late hour when the writing was on the wall and the need to be an advocate was no longer a valid reason to act like a well, a shrill political hack which is what she is. Britt Hume was great, very laconic and not letting any of the talking heads get too very stupid. I'd flip over to see CBS for a moment to see if Dan Rather would melt down and look into the camera to say 'courage' or go into a little homespun story about how the truth of the universe could be grasped by watching the behavior of cows under the stars on the range and how that related to the quiet inner struggles of Senator Kerry. Peter Jennings, perhaps they didn't have enough shiny lights on their election coverage set because I don't remember stopping over there for a minute. Flipping over to The Daily Show I saw Stewart cry a bit, saw Sharpton whine a bit and heard Stewart shout out a plea to Sharpton to quit being a partisan political hack for just a minute since all the polls were closed and there was no earthly reason to keep spouting the talking points. Ahhh. Then I had had enough of that and back to Britt Hume's sleepy self as they wondered if there were going to be enough provisional votes in Ohio to make a difference. Ah- the cool part of the night was seeing Daschle lose. He's such an arrogant ass and it always frosted me when he'd be there smugly making a point. Perhaps the homestead in DC as opposed to a home in his home state didn't quite sit well with the good people of South Dakota. They saw what was true, that Daschle had gone native (beltway) and was not in touch with the people of his home state.


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