Monday, November 01, 2004

Bush Going Away - Maybe, I think

My instincts and spider senses tell me that it isn't as close as they are making it out to be. That Bush is going to win Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, heck maybe even New Jersey and Hawaii. The razor thin - too close to call nonsense that the media types bring forth every Presidential election cycle as they struggle between their two urges to make money and tell us who to vote for conflict at this nexus point of decision. Oooh, that sounded sufficiently turgid. At any rate, I've already voted. A nastier vote I don't think I've ever made. I feel cheap and dirty after having penciled my choice in. Horrible. And the waiting for the winner, like watching a train wreck will likewise be horrible. Our slide into banana republic elections continues.

OBL, well it was nice to see him again. He's looking a bit thinner and more tired. Seeing him means that they don't have the juice to do any actual bombing. Looks like the scare of a election surprise may be just that, a scare. Of course, it does make me mad that our guys can't find him. It's not like we don't know who they are going to give the tape to and so why can't we follow the guy who gave out the video tape of OBL and then follow every single freaking bastard he talks to until somebody slips up and we can find OBL in his cave, hut or house. It's pitiful. Whatever happened to 'whatever it takes?'


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